22nd May 2016

Another blog. Another bloody blog. Just what the world needs. On the off chance the pile of unread blogs somewhere out there in the www. isn’t already extensive enough, here’s my offering.

Hear me out. This isn’t so much a blog, but sort of a column, or a newsletter. Its purpose is twofold. First, I spend a lot of time traveling on trains, and killing a lot ten minutes here or there between sound checks, admin sessions (a favourite thing of any musician to say when someone asks “what have you done today”) and generally making noise. So I thought I could make use of those little gaps in time and keep myself entertained (occupied?) by writing down some of the things in my head.

Second, and most importantly, lots of musicians/bands have a newsletter which they email out to their mailing list/put on their social media sites each month or so. This is a very handy way of alerting fans to what the band will be doing in the coming weeks and months, with added bits of exciting news thrown in. This is what I intend to use this blog for.

Handily, because reading this blog will lead you to my website, there is an enhanced, although admittedly albeit still small, chance you will also look to the top of the page where the ‘Gigs’ and ‘Shop’ tags are and turn up at a gig or purchase something from the shop. Either will help mebecome rich, famous, and make other exaggerations possible. When this happens, the next time someone asks me “Do you make much money doing music as your job then?” I’ll be able to respond “F*cking millions”.

I intend to keep them short (ish) and sweet (ish) so on the off chance anybody bothers to read them, they won’t get too boring. They also will be sporadic in their appearance. Whilst I appreciate the work of my dear friend David Eagle who is currently producing a Blog ("A Dollop”) a day, my creative output is stretched when thinking about what to have for tea each day, therefore I will keep them regular but perhaps not frequent. They will be music based but also include a few general thoughts, and maybe even include a bit of politics. Because after all, a song about the forced migration of a population just won The Eurovision Song Contest, so politics is now trendy. Introduction over, for anybody who’s still with me, here’s Blog Post One:

This week, I did some gigs.





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